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India, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow, 19th century

A small gold JHUMAR – CHABKKA, head ornament of a lady, the open worked top is kundan set with foiled white sapphires and blue stones (Jadat) in an intricate pattern of flowers, a crescent moon and sun symbol, flanked by two peacocks. Suspended from the top an elaborate fringe of suspended gold collets, kundan set with white sapphires, sides decorated with red and green enamel, suspended Basra pearls and turquoise glass beads.
The reverse of the JHUMAR is decorated with Safed Chalwan enamel, red and green on a white base in a crescent moon, flower and bird design, echoing the frontal design.

Worn on the left side of the head

The JHUMAR or CHABKKA is a traditional muslim wedding ornament for women. It was a festive ornament and not to be worn daily.


Research report by Naturalis Biodiversity Centre available on request