Vangelder-collectie-necklace-with-rubies-and-emeralds.jpg Vangelder-neckless-necklace-with-rubies-and-emeralds-01.jpg


India, south Rajasthan and Indore, early 19th century

A gold necklace, set with rubies and emeralds in joined v-shaped segments, crowned with pearls, and decorated with suspended bunches of pearls. The pearls are attached with silver wire, which is rare. This technique is only seen on early examples.

The joined v-shape creates a zig-zag pattern, which refers to flowing water, a fertility symbol. This type of necklace is universal all over India, in the south executed in plain gold, in the north the gold is embellished with kundan set gems.


Research report by Naturalis Biodiversity Centre available on request