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India, Rajasthan, Bikaner, ca 1900

A necklace of which the three main elements are amulets: The gold pendant in the centre has a seed form, HARD. The two gold pendants on either side have the form of an arrowhead, GHANTI. The main three pendants are separated by beaded spacers, GOLI. Each pendant or bead is set with blue glass paste and rock crystal, and suspended small gold beads.

The pendants are amulet containers, but they do not open. These containers are meant to protect the sacred object on the inside from view or from contact with any other body, since this diminishes the power of the amulet. An arrowhead shape has a strong protective meaning. Since the arrow head has the power to kill. The seed form obviously refers to fertility.

Accompanying this item is a report of authenticity research conducted by Dutch Gemological Laboratory – part of Naturalis Biodiversity Center Leiden.

A similar necklace, excecuted in silver :
Untracht, Oppi Traditional Jewelry of India ill 223

Research report by Naturalis Biodiversity Centre available on request