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India, Gujarath, early 20th century

A pair of gold earrings, OGANIA, ornamented with granulation (RAWA) and stamped units.

These earrings, OGANIA, were worn by the women and men of the Rabari, Bharvad tribe and Rajput as traditional wedding jewellery. This nomadic Hindu community inhabited the regions of Rajasthan, Gujarath and Punjab and is known for its rich and colorful past and present. It is widely believed they are descendents of the Rajput, the warrior rulers of early Northern India from the 6th until the 12th century.
The shape of the OGANIA can be traced back to the collar-shaped and lunula-type earrings of ancient Asia Minor

A similar pair of earrings is included in:
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Research report by Naturalis Biodiversity Centre available on request.