About Van Gelder Indian Jewellery

Van Gelder Indian Jewellery is a family-run business founded in 1980 by Bernadette van Gelder – van der Ven. In 2000 Bernadette was joined by her two daughters Fleur Damman – van Gelder and Noelle Viguurs – van Gelder. The firm specializes in traditional jewellery from India and has grown to one of the leading international dealers in this field today. Van Gelder Indian Jewellery has been exhibiting at TEFAF Maastricht, from 1985 until 2018.

For more than 30 years Van Gelder Indian Jewellery has been on a quest to collect the most extraordinary quality of traditional jewellery from India. Developing and perfecting this collection, targeted at an international clientele, is a continuous process. The Van Gelder’s aim for perfection can be considered as a true life’s work, something that perfectly fits their business and family culture.

This has resulted in a strong foundation of expertise, quality awareness, customer focus and entrepreneurial spirit. Based on the unprecedented contribution and perseverance of founder Bernadette, and successfully and carefully developed and expanded by Fleur and Noëlle, van Gelder Indian Jewellery has, over the years, build an impressive international network of influential relationships in India and beyond.

In 2012 Fleur and Noëlle have taken over the business and they have continuously taken their dedication to quality and originality forward. As a proud, second generation family business, new initiatives, projects and collaborations are developed: whilst honoring the solid foundation of their first love, traditional Indian Jewellery, these beautiful, age old design and craftsmanship stirred their imagination. Progressively this triggered a creative process they felt the needed to explore, which eventually led up to the ambition of expanding Van Gelder Jewellery with their own, contemporary jewellery designs. Noëlle and Fleur are committed to fulfill this ambition and are aiming to launch their debut collection Spring 2019! With this expansion the Van Gelder’s are moving in a new and exciting direction, where Van Gelder Contemporary Jewellery, a yearly Limited Edition, can naturally exist next Van Gelder Indian Jewellery, the Heritage Collection!

Van Gelder Jewellery operates from its offices in s’-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.