• VGIJ-bazu with makara heads
  • VGIJ-bazu with makara heads


Rigid gold armlet, BAJU BAND, consisting of double hexagonal cylinders, complimented with pliable floral design hinges, kundan set with diamonds, at both ends. Both cylinders with MAKARA head finials are kundan-set with diamonds at the top and aside against a sabz zamin, green enameled ground.
The exquisite shaped makara heads with the bulging agate eyes, red painted upturned open snout and opaque white enameled teeth, show a strong resemblance with the mythical jeweled see-monsters of the Renaissance.
The inside shows a floral and bird theme in red and green on a white ground, safed chalwan enamel. Two cords ending with a cotton bead are attached to the hinges for fastening around the upper arm.

Research report by The Netherlands Gemological Laboratory available on request.



late 18th century


India, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow