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Time has raced by so fast that we often forget that five years have elapsed since we launched Van Gelder Designs.
The journey so far has been thrilling and we’re delighted that you’ve been there right beside us along the way. Five years is a milestone, the perfect excuse for a celebration, which is what we are planning — an anniversary event scheduled for September 2023. 
VGJ-Jali Ear Pendants Ruby

 With our contemporary aesthetic, honouring and celebrating the fantastic Indian craftsmanship we know and love, we are now seeing Van Gelder Designs take to the international stage.

VGJ-Jali-long chain necklace

Time flies when you're having fun! As we write, the Van Gelder universe is expanding, to capital cities in Europe and North America, even Paris Fashion Week, all places that when we launched in 2019, we never expected to reach so rapidly

VGJ-Heritage display
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