Forbes - Celebrate International Women’s Day With Independent Global Jewelry Designers

Beth Bernstein 

Strong and independent, these international women jewelry designers are making an indelible mark with their signature styles. They are innovators, irrepressible and spirited women who create as a means to empower the wearer with their designs—and have thereby liberated the way we view and buy jewelry.

These women help form the taste, styles and standards of the self-purchaser: women who have the confidence to buy fine pieces for themselves and prefer gifts that connect to their soul and character or relate to a significant time in their lives. From Denmark to Italy, these designers are the present and future of the jewelry business.

Van Gelder Jewellery: The Netherlands

“Van Gelder was originally founded by our mother Bernadette van Gelder - van der Ven in 1980 with the goal to discover, understand and collect the most extraordinary quality of traditional heritage jewelry from India to bring to The Netherlands,” explains Noelle Viguurs-van Gelder. “In the Spring of 2019, my sister Fleur Damman-van Gelder and I launched our debut of original jewelry inspired by the traditional design and craftsmanship we grew up surrounded by. These pieces exist seamlessly with the Heritage collection which we still collect and sell today from our offices in the historical center of 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.”

Van Gelder Jewellery 18k gold Baoli Flow Maxi Earhoops.