North India, Rajasthan, Bikaner, circa 1900

Pair of gold Baju bands kundan set with irregular size flat cut diamonds. The reverse is enameled in the champlevé technique with red and blue flowers, green leaves forming arabesques with red, green, gold and blue enameled birds on a white opaque enamel ground, known as safed chalwan. The bird theme, the peacock in the center with a green enameled wide spread tail, the five petals flower and the color use of the enamel show the Bikaneri School.

Bazu of Baju bands are armlets of silver or gold studded with precious stones. The shape follows the natural curvature of the upper arm. During the heydays of Mughal time, just one large spinel, ruby, emerald bead or large pearl, tight on both upper arms was the fashion.

Cords and attached pearls on either side are contemporary.