Gold Ring


As our designs are handmade in limited series, we do not hold an extensive stock. If your jewel of choice is not immediately available, a manufacturing time of 6 to 8 weeks is applicable.  Of course, we will keep you informed throughout this period. If you have any special request, please get in touch with us via


Designs from our Contemporary Collections are handcrafted with only premium materials sourced from the region. Our team of expert artisans in our studios in Jaipur apply both traditional and hereditary techniques as well as state-of-the-art, contemporary goldsmith’s techniques.


Jewellery from our VGJ Heritage Collection are age old, one of a kind pieces. They are delicate and need to be handled with care. Please store your jewellery in the supplied pouches and cases, to prevent them from scratching.

Please avoid contact with water, perfume, other liquids or strong substances. 

In our workshop we have a team of specialists who are experts in any restauration, restringing, stone setting or restauration challenge. Please contact for a consultation

When not worn, we strongly advise jewellery from our Collections to be stored in the supplied pouch and cases. With the exception of enamelled surfaces, your jewellery can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush and soft jewellery polishing cloth. Avoid any soap

Items  featuring waxed cotton cord should be kept away from water and other strong substances.  

If your VGJ piece is in need of repair, restringing, sizing or thorough cleaning, please email to plan your appointment.

An 18k gold ring, with 22k gold finish of alternating high and matte polish, the outside with a zigzag pattern in wire work, the inside decorated with spiraling enamel in shades of blue to a cabochon blue sapphire in round collet.

The latest addition to our collections is the Baoli collection. Inspired by another traditional architectural element, the Stepwells of India, and the concept of running, trickling water.
The first engineered stepwells, date from ca 600CE in Gujarat. Stepwells, or Baoli, served other purposes than the provision of water alone. Descending down the Baoli for devotion, ritual purification and prayer, the daily use of water in their ceremonies and rituals.. Many stepwells were built near temples and mosques.
Descending down a Baoli is an almost spiritual sensation… Sweltering heat turns to an enveloping cool, and the noise above ground becomes hushed. Views telescope into indefinite space, constantly shifting, and one can tell neither the depth nor the length of the structure. Like an optical illusion.

For sizes, please check the size chart.